Hot Shahtz (“Hot Shot”)          2007 Black Tobiano Gelding

National Show Horse NSHR# 016585-07-NSN, Pinto Horse PtHA#133286, Half American Saddlebred ASHR#5078
DOB: 6/8/2007

Triple Registered National Show Horse, Pinto Horse, Half American Saddlebred. Sired by CA Para Dice Nite (RA Hot Every Nite (Hot August Nite x Love Struck Baby) x CA Casino Reno (Rolling Dice x Sensations Secret) and out of the mare CA Lotza Shahtz (NV Beau Bey (Bey Shah+ x Bint Miss Fire) x Lotza Spotz (Willowlaine x Kentucky Moonshine)). Hot Shahtz is 31.25% Arabian, 68.75% Saddlebred.

Hot Shahtz has an impressive stride of good length and suspension, a beautifully slender, upright long neck, well-proportioned smooth body, long straight legs, powerful hind impulsion, flashy "look at me" color and attitude. He should mature to around 16 HH; his sire is 17 HH and his Dam 15.3 HH. This is a fabulous opportunity for a show gelding. Hot Shahtz has the potential to be successful at whatever your preferred discipline is. He is very sweet but can really turn on the heat when you ask him to, sure to be a great performer! Priced to sell.

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ESH Designs First Starr (“Junior”)          2008 Dark Bay Tobiano Stallion

National Show Horse NSHR# Pending, Pinto Horse PtHA#135782, Half American Saddlebred ASHR#5125
DOB: 8/7/2008

Triple registered National Show Horse, Pinto Horse, Half American Saddlebred. Sired by IGA Patent This Design (A Fameous Design x PF Supreme Patience) and out of the mare CA Lotza Shahtz (NV Beau Bey x Lotza Spotz) Homozygous for the Black and Tobiano Genes (will always produce Bay or Black Pinto foals (and respective dilutions dependent on Mares color genes)) Junior is 31.25% Arabian, 68.75% Saddlebred. ESH Designs First Starr (Junior) has dynamic presence and charisma. He is a joyous creature of endless charm with a pleasing phenotype combined with a regal heritage. Junior has tremendous potential and possibilities before him. Make him yours now or compete against him later! Priced to sell!

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2009 Foals available for purchase


Evening Starr MA (“Evie”)          1993 Bay

Arabian AHR#0497100
DOB: 4/24/1993
Sired by Gondolier (Palas x Gonagra) and out of the mare Eylite (*Bask++ x Elita)

In Foal to ATA Bey Starr anticipated due date 6/27/2009. Foal will be pure Arabian.


ATA Bey Starr          1995 Black

Arabian, Sired by ATA Echo Bey (Bey Shah+ x ZA Echos Song) and out of the mare Kirscha (Fawor (Probat x Fatma) x Krysia (*Aladdinn x Four Winds Kalifa))

ATA Bey Starr is proudly owned by Mindy and Jon Peters, Standing at El Capitan Ranch, Santa Barbara, CA.

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2009 Colt, Born 5.15.09


Dana Lyrical (“Ricki”)          1998 Black Bay

Arabian AHR#0553165
DOB: 4/17/1998
Sired by Bacardi Afire (Afire Bey V (Huckleberry Bey++ x Autumn Fire) x Bacharah (Barbary+++ x NDL Bokara)) and out of the mare Aristons Cheri (Ariston (*Bask++ x Amfibia) x Corsherie (*Corsair x April Fire))

Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated

In Foal to ATA Bey Starr anticipated due date 4/23/2009. Foal will be pure Arabian.


Lotza Spotz (“Spotz”)          1994 Black Bay Tobiano

National Show Horse NSHR#010816-94-NSN, Pinto Horse PtHA#74358
DOB: 5/01/1994
Sired by Willowlaine (The Omen x Kenalbee Bittersweet) and out of the mare Kentucky Moonshine (Harlequin Magic Maker x NDL Moonshine)
25% Arabian, 75% American Saddlebred

In Foal to NV Beau Bey anticipated due date 5/3/2009. Foal will be half Arabian, National Show Horse and Pinto.
2009 ESH Starr Ryder, Born 4.28.09


NV Beau Bey          1993 Black

Arabian, Sired by Bey Shah+ (Bay El Bey++ x Star of Ofir, “Aristocrat” dam of four Champions) and out of the mare Bint Miss Fire (Gdansk+/ (*Bask++ x *Gdynia++) x Miss Fire, “Aristocrat” dam of five Champions)

NV Beau Bey is proudly owned by Brad & Irene Aborn

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